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Putting our clients first since 2003

For more than 18 years, we’ve been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial market. EZ Trades Security continues to earn high praise for its heritage of innovation, modern wealth management capabilities, and customer service.

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We want everyone to be able to fulfill their desires and opportunities.

Our team has created not just another project for traders. First of all, we developed a platform for the widest possible audience. For people who want to learn how to use advanced financial instruments and develop their financial skills.

Speaking of tools. EZ Trades Security provides over 400 free tools to each client so that you can trade and earn money the way you like. Choose any assets: currency quotes, stocks, majors, metals, oil or gas, as well as the main trend of recent years - cryptocurrencies.

A modern platform for modern people

The main advantage of EZ Trades Security is its premium quallity in everything and there is no exceptions. Transparency of the platform, advanced technologies, attractive conditions for participants - all this makes us unique.

Thanks to cooperation with reliable brokers, we have achieved maximum control over quotations by the client. You can always check all the indicators in person!

Working to create a comfortable environment for all users of the platform, we have implemented the best functionality in terms of financial management. The lightning-fast speed of updating quotes and the interface is what creates comfort of working with the platform.

Our support service deserves special attention. Each of support staff member is a fan of his job. 24/7 lightning fast feedback and a sincere desire to help that is why we are ahead of alternative platforms. We are doing everything for your comfortable EZ Trades Security time.

How does the platform work?

4 simple steps


We choose

asset of interest.



the size of the bet and the time of closing the deal.


We do

forecast according to the schedule for a given time.


We get

result of the transaction.

The problem is that all the opportunities are usually provided in private for close circle of people. And participating in trading on the exchange, according to the majority, is something complicated. Brokers, exchanges - all this is incomprehensible to an ordinary person. Therefore, we are making a public platform for everyone.


Any doubts?
Practice without risk with a demo account.

We are open to our visitors. Therefore, if you have distrust amid hundreds of projects related to trading on the stock exchange, we hasten to reassure you. On our site you can use a demo account. It has nothing to do with real money. So you can safely and without risk test the mechanism of the platform. EZ Trades Security: while others doubt, you act!

EZ Trades Security: while others doubt, you act!


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